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Liquid Flicks brings over twenty years experience across broadcast and cable television, film, print, internet media, and education/research.

Norma Jones

Norma Jones (PhD) is an accomplished author, communicator, and trainer/educator with a diverse background spanning across areas including academia, international business, and multimedia entertainment/advertising environments. Norma specializes in using the tools of communication to achieve goal specific results while also building trust, expanding comfort zones, interpersonal rapport, and individual confidence.


Norma has co-edited three books, authored or co-authored several chapters/entries, and wrote several successful ecommerce pages. Notable publications include two companion volumes regarding the role of women, as heroines, in popular culture (Heroines of Film and Television: Portrayals in Popular Culture, Heroines of Comic Books and Literature: Portrayals in Popular Culture) and an anthology about shifting perceptions of aging (Aging Heroes: Growing Old in Popular Culture). Norma is the editor for The Popular Culture Studies Journal, the official publication of the Midwest Popular Culture Association.

Brent Jones

After graduating the University of Texas at Austin, Brent moved to Burbank, California. Brent’s first job in Burbank was at Warner Bros. Television with the ABC’s sitcom Growing Pains. Working his way up from production assistant, he soon earned promotions and was given the responsibility of the Post Production Supervisor for ABC’s hit series. Over the last 25 years, Brent has worked as a cameraman for KXAS-NBC, Director of Operations and editor for Matchframe Film and Video, edited for series with Disney, Discovery Channel, History Channel, HGTV and CBS.

Brent brings to Liquid Flicks the experience of learning and working with the best talent in the business of telling stories. Brent sees his background as an editor and post supervisor as a huge plus when producing or directing. "Working as a television editor, you learn how to perfect storytelling. Knowing which nuances of a shoot to include in your edit, can make your story rock, or run your story into the rocks. Years of making those edit decisions, better informs what to shoot when working as a producer or director.”

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